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Toe-tal Balance

Relax. Rebalance. Revitalise.

This massage is suitable for men and women of any age and is a deeply relaxing yet energising

experience.  It will make you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside.

There is no need to get fully undressed, just wear or bring a strappy top (for the ladies) that I can easily move down your shoulders in order to massage your neck and shoulders. It would also be best if contact lenses were not worn because I use oil. I will ask a few questions about your health and you need to inform me if you are pregnant so that I can avoid certain acupressure points.

Before I start the massage, I will ask you if you wish me to use Ridoki rollers which are Oriental face rollers and made from steel. They are a great alternative if clients do not want me to use oil during the massage and help to warm up the skin’s tissues and stimulate the skin. They improve the skin’s circulation and elasticity and are also effective in the prevention of crow’s feet and wrinkles. In addition, they make the skin more receptive to moisturiser.

Once you are comfortable on the therapist couch, the treatment begins with a warm and relaxing cleanse of your face and neck. I will then continue with a dry massage around your back of the neck as well as up your neck, on your ears and scalp. Oil is then applied to your shoulders, neck and face. Face muscles are massaged using certain techniques to stimulate blood flow to the tissues and boost circulation. Acupressure points (Tsubos) on your face and scalp are then stimulated with my fingers by gently pressing, tapping and tracing which activates facial nerves, hence increasing the flow of Ki and blood to your face as well as balancing the energy along your body.

It ends with lymphatic drainage below the clavicle and around your face which increases the release of the toxins from the tissues. The solar plexus (reflexology reflex point) is then stimulated on the base of your feet whilst I ask you to take three deep breaths.

The Japanese believe that beauty is not just skin deep and so treatments that encourage beauty, should also advocate good health. Japanese face massage uses the ancient study of acupressure and meridians to stimulate wellbeing throughout the whole body – it is an energy balancing face massage.

The word Tsuboki is formed from two Japanese words, Tsubo and Ki. Acupressure points (Tsubos)  are specific points along a meridian and by working on these acupressure points on the face, I aim to restore a healthy balance to the body and increase the natural flow of energy to the face. Massage techniques are applied to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed yet energised.  

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage

For more information on the Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage please see www.tsuboki.com

 For more information on reflexology, Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage or to book an appointment please contact me.

07929433558 - or - julia@toe-talbalance.co.uk

Toe-tal Balance - Complementary Therapies in Surrey             

Meridians are channels of energy that flow around the entire body and this energy is known as Ki in Japanese. If this energy is flowing well, then the person is healthy, but any blockages can cause ill-health. There are 8 meridians that run along the face and each one has an organ associated with it, as well as physical and psychological functions.

Clients feel like they have had a full body massage and some report looking younger after regular treatments.